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Excellence in Education Grants


POST GRANT REPORTS - 2016-2017 School Year Grant Recipients

Applicants who received a grant award for the 2016-2017 school year must submit a Post-Grant Report, and include separately, if available, anecdotal evidence and photos that can be used by the Foundation.

Awardees who do not submit a Post-Grant Report will be ineligible to submit a grant application for the 2017-2018 school years.

Submission Deadline: Monday,August 28th, 2017



    EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION - 2017-2018 School Year Applicants

    Submission Deadline: Monday, September 11th, at 5:00 p.m.


      • • No handwritten Excellence in Education applications will be accepted
      • • Send to: info@sunnysidefoundation.org and lapigman@gmail.com
      • Please do not send through intra-office mail or fax

        • Teachers, coaches and administrators submit Excellence in Education Grant applications annually in the fall with approval from the school principal or administrator

        • A grant review committee uses a robust rubric scoring system to review; score the grant requests; and make recommendations for approval by the full Board of Directors

        • Grants are awarded up to the maximum of funds available to fund projects and programs not funded through the district’s general budget

        • Individual project or program grants are awarded up to a maximum amount of $1,000. Requests that benefit multiple schools or the entire school district are awarded up to a maximum of $2500


          Extracurricular Activities & Field Trips
          Literacy (Early Childhood and Elementary School Programs & Projects, Library projects, etc.)
          Fine Arts: Music & Performing Arts
          STEM Programs & Projects
          Science & Math Programs & Projects
          General Academics
          Special One-time Projects
          Technology Programs & Projects

        Annual deadline will be determined by the annual luncheon date and will be announced in March of each school year.

        To all Sunnyside Foundation’s Friends and Supporters,

        As we near the end of the year, thank you for your continued support and please consider making a charitable donation to the Sunnyside Foundation. With Education budgets continuously slashed, it is vitally important, a matter of ‘national security’ to continue providing proper levels of funding to Educational programs and professionals. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE by making a donation today by clicking here or on the button below!

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        Grant Donation 2014

        Lauffer Middle School: Future Cities Program
        2015-16 Award: $1,000
        In its’ third full year, Lauffer Middle School will offer the Future City classes as a component of their STEM curriculum. Students will have an opportunity to do what engineers do including design solutions to community problems while using the engineering design process. Future City is a national, project-based learning experience where middle school students imagine, design, and build cities of the future centered on a specific engineering design challenge. This year’s challenge is Waste Not, Want Not and designing futuristic urban environments with zero waste systems. Students work as a team with an educator and engineer mentor to plan cities using SimCity™ 4 software; research and write solutions to an engineering problem; build tabletop 3D scale models with recycled materials; and present their ideas before judges at a Regional Competition in Phoenix. There are currently 50-students enrolled in Lauffers’ Future City classes
        Apollo Middle School Orchestra, Growing and Thriving
        2015-16 Award: $1,000

        The academic goal is for students to learn to play a string instrument successfully, with a proper set up, to play a quality instrument with good tone production, and to play grade level appropriate music in a balanced ensemble.

        The expected outcome is that by having access to better quality instruments, strings, bows, music, and other orchestra materials, students will experience success at a faster rate than if they continue to play lower quality instruments. Students will also spend more time on task because they would not need to waste time solving problems that come along with lower quality instruments and materials. As an ensemble, the orchestras would sound more balanced, with enough students playing each instrument to provide all students with a truly, well rounded orchestral sound. This will in turn provide the teacher with more options of orchestral selections for the ensembles to learn and perform.

        Many students are closer to reaching these goals because they are now using materials that were purchased with Sunnyside Foundation Grant money from last year. I am thrilled to see and hear the progress that my students are making, now that they have the appropriate, quality materials.

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